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The Team

Benjamin Bryant - Organiser -

Dabbled in Comedy, Acting and Writing now Go Developer Advocate @ Jetbrains

Bruno Luiz Silva - Organiser -

Helping companies to architect and develop software solutions that have lasting impacts ⚡️ Senior Software Engineer @

Adelina Simion - Organiser -

Tech Evangelist @ Form3 | Gopher | LinkedIn Learning Instructor | Women Who Go (London) organiser

Barnaby Keene - Organiser -

Building at @joinodin. Vibemaxxing in the deep dark depths of (the city of) london.

Beth Anderson - Welfare Officer -

Principal Software Engineer working in Site Reliability Engineering @ BBC

Organiser Alumni>

Organiser Alumni

Dom Green, Antonio Troina, Kat Zień, Irina Bednova, Matt Heath, Paul Jolly, Patrick O. S. Kuti, Florin Pățan